The Kaban Green Power Hub, situated near Ravenshoe on the Atherton Tablelands, approximately 80 kilometers southwest of Cairns, benefited significantly from the involvement of Fast Fix Steelfixing in its construction.

The selection of this site was deliberate, given its abundant wind resources and proximity to a 275kV high voltage transmission line, facilitating rapid energy export to the grid. Covering an expansive 1,300 hectares, spanning over five freehold rural properties, this site, located on Jirrbal country, was chosen to minimize its visual impact on the surrounding community. Its strategic positioning, surrounded on three sides by State Forests, contributes to its harmonious integration into the environment.

Located at the northern edge of the national network, Far North Queensland faces grid challenges due to its relative grid weakness and limited power generation capacity. However, the operation of the 157 MW wind farm at this location, made possible with the expertise of Fast Fix Steelfixing, promises to strengthen the grid system and provide clean, affordable energy for the people of Queensland.