Port Lincoln Hospital Redevelopment

Port Lincoln Hospital Redevelopment

Fast Fix Steelfixing is delighted to have contributed to the successful redevelopment of the Port Lincoln Hospital in 2015, a federally funded endeavour that transformed healthcare facilities in the region.

Our Involvement: Elevating Healthcare Infrastructure

The Port Lincoln Hospital redevelopment was a pivotal healthcare project that aimed to enhance the quality of care and services offered to the community. This project encompassed a wide range of improvements, including the redevelopment of acute care facilities, the creation of 20 single rooms with ensuites, and the integration of primary health and allied health services.

Fast Fix Steelfixing played a crucial role in ensuring that the structural aspects of the hospital met the highest standards, contributing to the overall success of this ambitious undertaking. Our commitment to precision and quality assurance was instrumental in delivering a healthcare facility that meets the community’s needs.

Among the notable additions were a dental clinic with seven public dental chairs and additional consulting rooms, interview suites, and a playroom in the waiting area. The project also introduced new four-chair renal and four-chair chemotherapy units and expanded the operating theatre area to accommodate two new theaters.

Key Achievements: A Collaborative Approach

Fast Fix Steelfixing’s involvement in the Port Lincoln Hospital Redevelopment extended beyond our core expertise. To ensure a cost-effective delivery model that aligned with the project’s budget and program constraints, we engaged in early planning of project briefing requirements.

As a federally funded project, the redevelopment required meticulous attention to detail, including compliance with the Commonwealth Funding Agreement conditions. Collaborating closely with SA Health and stakeholders, we facilitated alignment on the project brief and prepared tender documents for the appointment of the design team.

Following the concept design phase, Fast Fix Steelfixing managed the procurement process to engage the Managing Contractor responsible for the construction phase. The successful delivery of this project within budget reflects our dedication to excellence and our commitment to meeting project objectives.

Fast Fix Steelfixing takes immense pride in its role in projects like the Port Lincoln Hospital Redevelopment, which enhance healthcare infrastructure and improve the well-being of communities. Explore our portfolio to witness more of our contributions to diverse projects, showcasing the impact of our expertise.

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